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“Wow, someone launched another online boutique; real original. What makes Kiki’s She Shed so special? Why should I shop with you?”

Well, for starters, we sell some pretty cool stuff. “We” may be a bit of a stretch. It’s just me, Kiki. I go by the affectionate nickname given to me by my nieces and nephews. I’m not completely alone though, I do have the love and support of my family. Especially from my husband Ruben and our amazing dogs Shelby and Zelda... although they all work for free.

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I started Kiki’s She Shed in 2021 as a creative outlet. It’s home to an eclectic mix of fashion and home goods inspired by my upbringing in Southern California and all the places I’ve been. My shop reflects my beautiful Black American and Ghanaian cultures and is heavily influenced by the beautiful Mexican culture that I both married into and was raised around.

I’ve always had a hard time coining a term for my individual style. Boho? Urban? Glam? Why not all of them? We are not monoliths, and our style shouldn’t be either. It's also important to me that my shop truly has something for everyone. That's why you will see products in a variety of sizes and prices. So welcome to my She Shed. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Thank you for coming to my TED talk,
Akenya “Kiki” Colbert-Melendez

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Shelby The Dog

Shelby Melendez
She has no idea what her job is, but she loves being a boss… or just bossy.

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Zelda the Dog

Zelda Melendez
She makes sure everything runs smoothly… or just plain runs.